Blended Learning Information


Q: What curriculum will be utilized in the full-time, blended learning?
A: The blended learning curriculum will be delivered by the Edgenuity online courseware. The curriculum is self-paced. Each core class will be assigned a certified instructor through the Edgenuity program. Each instructor will deliver the instruction and then assign assignments for independent work by the student. A tab will be available 24/7 for help with assignments.

Q: How will I get assistance from my instructors?
A: Virtual instructors can re-teach concepts, provide helpful feedback, and connect with families to give updates on student progress and performance. The virtual instructors will work in tandem with the John Mall High School (JMHS) Remote Proctor to ensure program and student success. Additionally, students may also access after-school tutoring from JMHS teachers if added support is needed and the teacher agrees. Note: the virtual Edgenuity lessons will not necessarily match the in-person lessons so the teacher’s ability to support may be limited.

Q: What will the remote-only schedule look like?
A: The online environment allows for some flexibility so that students are able to attend any time during the day or night. Students will be required to check in with the JMHS Remote Proctor regularly to review student’s progress.

Q: Is attendance required?
A: Yes. Regular student attendance is required by law, including for remote-only students. Blended learning students will follow all guidelines as outlined in the JMHS Student Handbook. JMHS students must be prepared to spend 25-30 hours each week on their course work to complete their scheduled classes each semester.

Q: Will I be allowed to take elective classes at the school?
A: Blended learning students will be allowed to take elective classes on the JMHS campus. (In-person attendance for these elective classes is required.)

Q: Will I be allowed to participate in athletics/clubs/extracurricular activities such as dances?
A: Yes. Blended learning students can participate in extracurricular activities. Blended learning students will still follow all academic rules as outlined in the JMHS Handbook. Eligibility and other provisions will be enforced.

Q: What if I start the school year as a blended learning student but find that the virtual learning environment is not for me?
A: Students will be allowed to switch from blended learning to in-person learning at the end of the semester. Prior to the switch, the student and parent/guardian will be required to meet with the Remote Proctor and Administration.