Our Funky Family

Meet the John Mall Staff!

Heidi Dasko

Mrs. Dasko is our no-nonsense principle but the one that will make the students laugh at the drop of a hat. Her happy-go-lucky outlook on life makes her someone easy to get along with, and she’s always ready to help students throughout their highschool career! Mrs. Dasko is not only a good natured person, but she is very organized and will always find ways to keep the highschool in order!

Josh Viapando

Josh is currently the Vice Principle and Athletic Director. He loves his wife and says she is the best thing that even happened to him. He spends most of his time grooming his beard, and weight lifting. When he is not performing these activites, he is coaching JR High Football, Volleyball and Wrestling.

Ana Choin

Mrs. Ana is the caring, smiling front office personel that greets you when you come into the school. She often travels to mexico and loves to tell stories of her adventures.

Sterling McCall

Hello everyone! My name is Sterling McCall (he/him) and I was born and raised in
Española, New Mexico. As a former public school student and first generation college graduate,
I have experienced first-hand what opportunities and impacts that having an education can
provide. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Counseling and
Educational Psychology at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. I also received a
Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at New Mexico State University. I
moved to Denver, Colorado in 2016 where I worked as an Outpatient Mental Health Counselor
for youth and their families in the Denver metro area through a nonprofit organization, Griffith
Centers for Children. I obtained a school counseling credential by participating in an
endorsement program with the University of Colorado Denver. My approach to counseling
students is student-centered and solution focused. I am passionate about working with
underserved students and their families in helping them reach their desired goals and overcoming
barriers. For fun, I enjoy spending time with family, friends and my pet dog Shaq. I also love
listening to techno, hip hop, dance, and pop music. Some of my favorite video games to play
include Pokémon, Mario, and League of Legends. Some personal goals I have while working at
John Mall Jr/Sr High is helping create a welcoming and inclusive school culture, aiding students
in recognizing their individual potential, and continuing to learn and grow as a professional
school counselor. I look forward to assisting students throughout their academic, career, and
social/ emotional journey at while here at John Mall!

Mr. Sterling and his pup!

Hope Gately

Hope Gately is the middle school English teacher with a fondness for writing and literature that she shares with her students. Ms Gately has a passion for outdoor adventures such as hiking. Because of this love of exploring she is co-sponsoring the outdoor club with Mr. Hallahan. Ms. Gatley is also a 7th Grade class sponsor. She is developing a Outdoor Education Program elective for the 2023/2024 school year!

Ms. Gately on top of the world!

Lisa Brgoch

Lisa Brgoch is the 9-12 SPED Teacher and has dedicated her career to special education. She is currently a senior sponsor. Mrs. Brgoch loves to golf and loves her dog Baxter even more! She has a knack for poetry and brings so much sunshine to our school. We have been so lucky to have her and sad that this will be her last school year (2022-2023). 

John Toplyn

John Topyln is the high school History Teacher with an enthusiasm for government, psychology, and history. Because of this fondness, he heads up the Student Council along with Ms. Lane. Mr. Topyln coaches wrestling and track. He has a love for the culinary arts which he shares with his students in the culinary club. 

Ross Halihan

 Ross Halihan is a phenomenal Science teacher, DnD Dungeon Master, and Outdoorsman; it is clear he has a passion for his crafts and career. Mr. Halihan is the sponsor for the Game club, and outdoor club. The student body adores his teaching style and great sense of humor.

Kyla Witt

Kyla Witt is the high school Art instructor who helps students discover art through multiple types of media, she is currently one of the freshmen class sponsors.  Miss Witt hosts an art club after school on Mondays as well as some community paint nights throughout the school year. Ms. Witt is currently a Freshman sponsor as well.

Katie Knutson

Ms. Knutson loves Star Wars, music, and teaching. She is quite the conductor and can’t get enough of her rag-tag cat pictures. She also has a passion for reading. You can tell that she is devoted about what she does and she does it all with pride. Ms. Knutson cherishes her students and will always give them the best opportunity for success in her classes and in life.

Carey Jones

Mr. Jones is a senior sponsor and has a sever love of golf; he even has his own putting green in his back yard! Mr. Jones coaches baseball and brings his passion for the game to the players.

Bethany Pierce

Ms. Pierce is the Middle and High School English teacher who has a love for biology as well!

Gary Vigil

Gary is the district transportation director but thats no wonder because he always seems to be riding his Harley. He has a love for working on engines, which he brings to his autoshop class.

Quennie Ypanto

Mrs. Ypanto comes all the way from the Philippines to teach 8-12 math. She has a weakness for pie!

Annette Lamberson

Anette Lamberson is our math teacher and an amazing 10th grade sponsor. She is always the life of the party and all the students love her outgoing personality. Anette coaches basketball and helps out with track and field. She motivates all her students to be the best they can be whether that be on the court or in her classroom. Fun fact – She use to be Mayor Lamberson!

Kelly Anderson

Mrs. Anderson is one-half of the tenth grade sponsors, and a well versed traveler, rafter, and gamer. Due to her love of traveling, she is the other sponsor of the Travel Club (Italy/Germany 2023!). She is also the sponsor for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America).

Ashley Schrauth

Ms. Ashley is the bright light in our school. She volunteers at the local animal shelter, board at the hospital, and more. She has a love for animals and bettering our community. Ashley is a Junior sponsor.

Lora Davis

Ms. Lora is the Credit Recovery/Edgenuity Teacher and currently working on her masters degree. Ms. Lora has a love for all things 90s; “No cap”.

Ms. Davis is a HUGE Friends fan!

Lisa Lane

Ms. Lane is currently the Online Proctor of the Online Program. Ms. Lane has exceptional skills in crafts, to where she helps with the paint nights with Ms. Witt. Ms. Lane is also a sponsor of the Student Counsil and the Travel Club (Italy/Germany 2023!).
She is very loved by all the students and puts so much energy into school dances, homecoming parade, tutoring, and more to help the students be successful.

Eric Viapando

Eric has deep roots here in Walsenburg and puts that energy into our school and commutiy. Eric is the high school’s P.E. teacher and also coaches wrestling at all levels. He has a extensive background in sports conditioning as well.

Aaron Vallejos

Mr. Vallejos is a sports finatic and coaches Jr High Sports as well as teaches Jr High history and health.

Avlisa Preciado

Mrs. Preciado is the Special Education Teacher along side with Mrs. Brgoch. She is a 7th grade sponsor and brings so much light into our school.
She is an incredible dancer and  great teacher. 

Deb Nott

Ms. Nott is an 8th grade sponsor and “her own kind of funny”. She has an extensive background in science which she shares with the students. She use to be a debutante!

Vanessa Moreno

Ms. Vanessa is one of our beloved para-professionals at the high school. Mr. Vanessa loves her family and has a unique talent for making candy!